Happy Saturday, friends!

I was inspired by The Everygirl to create a little profile about myself;  for those recurring questions I sometimes get!

woman using space gray iphone x

1. When did you start your company Trademark Design?

I started it fresh out of college in 2007! I have almost always worked alongside a home builder, as well. There’s something about new construction I am truly addicted to! The possibilities are almost endless and I LOVE going to work everyday.

2. When someone approaches you for design work, what is your process? What are some of the first steps you take when designing the home or workplace of a client?

I do my best to try and get to know my client as best I can with the time that I have. Whether that’s finding out what their day-to-day may look like, how they may use the space itself, or what design style best represents them; I want it to be a personalized experience that doesn’t overwhelm them too much.

3. Where would you recommend people go to find design inspiration or helpful decorating tips?

Literally anywhere. As vague as that may sound; it could be in any medium such as online, print or on television (HGTV anyone?!). I am inspired by what a lot of other designer’s are doing and I love social media and the internet for that. I love The Spruce & The Everygirl. Over the last year I have really tried to limit my time online, but especially around the Holidays, it’s too inspiring to ignore!

4. Favourite room to design?

That’s a really difficult question for me because there really isn’t a room I DON’T enjoy working on – but my favourite would be a Kitchen, Nursery or Foyer.

5. Current book?

Daisy Jones & The Six – which I literally started last night and could not put down! I also just finished Wildflower by Drew Barrymore and LOVED it.

6. Next vacation you’d like to take?

Europe! It’s in the works.

7. Coffee order?

Lactose Free Blonde Toffee Nut Latte.

8. Ideal Sunday activity?

A roadtrip, a market, a beach; somewhere with people I love (and good food)!

9. Current favorite interior design trend?

Black Kitchens: DROOL

10. Item you can’t leave the house without?

Keys, phone, lip-gloss, tape measure.

11. Song currently on repeat?

Gabby Barrett – I Hope

12. If you could have lunch with any celeb or public figure, who would it be and why?

Jillian Harris, Antoni Porowski or Geri Halliwell. Jillian has always been an inspiration to me as an Interior Designer from Canada. She is super down to earth and hard working. I don’t know how she balances it all, but it’s infectious!

Antoni Porowski is such a light. He is so endearing and passionate about what he does and he’s very humble and shows a lot of gratitude. Watching him and his quirkiness, often reminds me of myself (it makes me laugh). He’s also wickedly handsome.

And Geri, well, for obvious reasons!


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions yourself!

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Thanks for reading!


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