Actress, producer and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore is sharing her free-spirited and eclectic design vibe with the world through her newly-launched home line with Walmart lovingly titled Drew Barrymore Flower Home.

When I first heard of her new home line, I couldn’t be more excited! She has such a great energy about her and her aesthetic is a perfect combination of “sophisticated” yet “fun loving” and “bohemian”. (Full Disclosure: I am a big fan of all things Drew)

If you’re familiar with her Flower Beauty brand; she has successfully created affordable luxury yet, she doesn’t cheap out on materials, opting for the best possible quality for the lowest possible price — truly a win-win, right?!

She was deeply involved in the process of designing the collection, which was inspired by her own interior design aesthetic.

The brand new online collection which just launched March 28 — showcases nearly 220 items, including everything from furniture, curtains, textiles, wall art, ceramics, pet beds and more. (There is even a coffee table with an integrated Checkers board! #GameNight)

She’s hyper-aware of making things look expensive, even when they aren’t — for instance, all items, including furniture are less $1200 CAD and begin at just $25!

You’ll see a refreshing mix of bold prints, feminine patterns, fresh palettes and functional silhouettes that feels perfectly timed for warm-weather seasons.

As of this month it will enter mid-to-high-end retailers in new international markets, including the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia and India. 

This is my happy space — picking out textiles, sitting and building out mood boards,” said Barrymore

As she looks to evolve the Flower brand, she’s planning on extending the range into items for children — Flower Kids — sometime later this year. Outdoor home items are planned for fall!

Drew Barrymore Flower Home can also be viewed at and

I can’t wait for these items to arrive in Canada — because judging by the feedback in the US already, I expect they’ll be selling out!

If you’d like a preview, I have linked some items in the ‘SHOP‘ section of my site!

Congrats Drew!


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