Hello friends!

I have been so excited to reveal this modern nursery design. If you know me and my personal design style, it is RIGHT up my alley!

The clients are a hardworking couple who are expecting their first baby! They do not know, and will not be finding out, the gender of their new little one. There really aren’t enough surprises in life, so I think it’s an incredible thing to be surprised if you so-choose to be!

“I’m New Here” LED Sentiment Wall Light by Pottery Barn Modern | Baby

Client Wishlist:

“Modern but Gender Neutral Nursery”
Typically, in past ‘gender neutral’ nurseries, you often saw a lot of beige, yellow or green. While there’s nothing wrong with this, these colours just don’t work for everyone. These clients have a very modern home and made it known they wanted a fresh, modern look to last.

“Future Potential to Reuse or Repurpose”
Both stylish and practical, these clients wanted to ensure if they had a second baby in the future, this nursery could be reused or in the very least, items could be re-purposed in another space like an office or growing child’s bedroom.

“Green – Where Possible – Especially Air Quality”
A great product to have in any home is a Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link Air Purifier or the Dyson Pure Cool HEPA Air Purifier and Fan Tower, depending on your climate. Full Disclosure: I am super impressed with Dyson products and couldn’t LIVE without my vacuum (..semi-dramatic but true. Also, #NotSponsored). We selected almost all products that are Greenguard Gold Certified.

(Greenguard Gold Certified indicates that products are low emitting and meet the rigorous chemical emissions standards of UL, a global independent safety science company. The products are screened for more than 10,000 chemicals and VOC’s that are commonly known to pollute indoor air.)

The Concept:


I chose to keep the core of the room light and bright. I wanted the space to feel airy and serene, as well as ensuring the furniture pieces my clients invested in, could be reused.

The Mid-Century crib and dresser are from Pottery Barn Modern | Baby in collaboration with West Elm — Yes, you read that right. The entire collection is GORGEOUS!

Each piece is made from sustainably sourced wood that’s kiln-dried for extra strength, complete with child-safe, water-based finishes. This crib features three platform height options so that it can grow with their baby and can be easily converted into a cozy toddler bed with the matching conversion kit.

The furniture is not only Greenguard Gold Certified, it’s also made in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility! (FYI – for a product to become Fair Trade Certified, factories must meet a rigorous set of social, environmental and economic standards to create a safe and healthy workplace, with a special emphasis on protection for women and empowering employees.)

A warm grey was selected for the fabric items, not only ground the space, but as an attempt to camouflage future wear and tear. The chair and ottoman will be used, A LOT, and the rug needs to withstand both traffic and play. Stylistically the chair and ottoman are also a collaboration with West Elm, so they match the Mid-Century vibes we started with! They are also Greenguard Gold Certified.

The rug is supremely soft underfoot and is made of 55% wool. (Wool fiber is naturally flame resistant, which makes it perfect for babies and kids).

The sweet graphic print accent pillows and blankets I chose are a fun way to add some visual interest. These items, like the lamp shade, could of course be switched out for something tamer, but that doesn’t always work for everyone! In my opinion, these little ones are in their nursery for such a short amount of time I say TAKE THE DESIGN RISK!

The gold accent mirror and storage baskets bring in warmth and sophistication to the space. The storage baskets can be used for just about anything; from blankets, throw pillows or toys in-future.

The simple side table and wall shelving is timeless and could easily be re-purposed in any room at a later date. What I love about the shelving is they are fantastic for showcasing books (another known favourite of mine)!

The modern wood wall letters are a great way to add a personalized touch, that can be reused again and again.

Modern Letters by Pottery Barn Modern | Baby
Modern Letters by Pottery Barn Modern | Baby

The end result is a space that is modern, cohesive and comfortable. And, in this case a little unexpected.

It’s a true extension of the spaces around my clients and certainly doesn’t sacrifice style for quality. I just adore it!

I hope you enjoyed the reveal as much as I enjoyed designing it. If you have any questions, please leave them below!


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