HOPPY Easter!!!

Since it’s right around the corner, I thought these super-sweet Easter cookies were a perfect project for the kids (or anyone)!

Candy Cottontail Cookies

Photo by: Mike Garten
  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie dough or store-bought refrigerated cookie dough
  • Pink frosting
  • White frosting
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Pink M&Ms
  • Candy-coated sunflower seeds

    Makes approx. 1 dozen cookies
  1. Roll out the Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough or store-bought refrigerated cookie dough 1/8 inch thick. With floured 3-inch round cutter, cut rounds from dough for bodies. With floured 1-inch egg-shaped cutter, cut ovals for feet. Bake as directed.
  2. To assemble, spread white and pink frosting on cooled cookie rounds and ovals. Press ovals into edges of rounds; press mini marshmallows into centers for tails. Place pink M&M’s in middle of feet and pink candy-coated sunflower seeds on edges of feet for toes. Let stand until set, about 2 hours.


Warm thanks to Good Housekeeping for the adorable recipe. Enjoy that much needed sunshine today!


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