Hi friends and happy MAY to you! I hope you have had a great week so far.

With Spring upon us, sometimes change comes in waves. Change in our lifestyles, change in our outlooks … and sometimes a change in our furniture LOL!

Photo by Milly Eaton

Ordering furniture is an exciting, and sometimes stressful, time. As satisfying as it is to find that perfect piece, It is REALLY important to first make sure that the furniture you are ordering will fit in your home!

Confirm All Product Dimensions

Your order information (or sales person) should provide the dimensions (ie. width, depth and height) for every piece of furniture.

Measure Your Space — TWICE!

Identify where you intend to place your furniture. Check the width, depth and height of the item either on the website if ordering online, or in person (when available), and make sure it will fit in the space you have chosen.

Consider marking out the width and depth of your furniture on the floor with painter’s tape, or contact a designer to create a to-scale floorplan for you! Always measure twice before providing your dimensions.

Measure Your Doorways, Stairways and Hallways

Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where your furniture will be placed. Measure every doorway, elevator, staircase and hallway that the item will pass through:

  • For apartments, condos or homes with elevators it is important to measure the interior height of the elevator as well as the opening and distance to the opposite wall.
  • Also measure entry clearances — the distance between the doorway and the opposite wall — in the event that the furniture needs to turn a corner.
  • Then, compare these measurements to the dimensions of your new furniture to ensure that the delivery company (or you and some great friends!!!) can navigate through entryways and around obstacles.

There is truly nothing worse than waiting for your item to arrive, and it being too large to fit or get inside Your home!

If you have any questions or are interested in having a floorplan drafted up for your next purchase, feel free to let me know below! ↓


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