Hi friends! How was your first weekend of May?

I have been crossing my fingers for some sunshine because it feels like it’s been raining for a month-straight.

I guess that’s what had me dreaming of working on My backyard patio for the season! Last year was our first Summer in this house, so we were still working hard on getting the yard and garden completed.

I will say though, it was SO enjoyable when it was done. I’m hoping this year everything will fill in and we can enjoy it even more — if this rain ever stops! LOL


Tiki Torch (4+ suggested) | Outdoor String Lights | Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart  |  Acapulco Chairs (2-4 suggested) | Outdoor Throw Pillow  | Fire Pit  | Accent Patio Table | Frog Statue | Lantern  | Outdoor Rug 

I would say that my style inside has (clearly) gravitated outside to the backyard. We have a concrete slab back here, so I knew that I wanted to include a casual conversation area. It’s not huge, about 8’0″ x 8’0″ I would say, and then the rest of our yard is grass. There isn’t quite enough room for a table set unfortunately, but I am hoping to add a fire pit in the middle of the seating area so we can enjoy it into the cooler weather!

I went with what some would consider the ‘trendy’ choice for our Acapulco chairs, which is pretty unusual for me but they were surprisingly comfortable! I added an accent pillow on each with a coordinating drink table and they’re just perfect.


We then sourced some really great quality string lights to add to the ambiance of our yard. It’s fully fenced with a beautiful tree peeking in from our neighbours, which by the end of the Summer gives us some much needed afternoon shade!

I added some tall black planters (to both our front and backyard) to contrast the concrete slab, as well as relate to the black furniture pieces.  I am still searching for a rug, but this grey woven indoor/outdoor rug from Wayfair tops my list! I’m especially interested in the 6’0″ square size.

The bar cart is a welcome addition because it can be used inside or outside, and easily stored away.  The glassware shelving and bottom shelf (where we place a cooler) really helps with not having to go inside and top up your drink (or two) as often.


As I mentioned above ambiance is really important to me. Because of this, I added some additional lighting in the form of tiki torches and candle lanterns. These look nice and serve a purpose in helping deter those pesky mosquitoes and other insects who thrive in humidity and are — excuse the pun — quite the buzzkill.

The flowers I choose to plant every year do vary, but I make sure to have a LOT of lush greens which compliment the black coloured planters nicely. The pops of colour mix beautifully with the greens. These grew spectacularly last year, so I actually can’t wait to get planting!

I hope you enjoyed my little (to-be completed) Backyard Oasis! I have linked many items (or similar), but you can also browse and shop via the SHOP page.

If you enjoyed this blog, I’d love to hear! Or, comment below on what you’d like to see next!


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