Happy almost Mother’s Day to all of the AWESOME Mama’s out there!

I have been SO lucky to have grown up with the World’s Greatest Mom, I always hope that everyone can appreciate their own Mom and the sacrifices they make every day of the year.

I love gifting! It makes me feel SO good that I can be the one giving the gifts now that I’m the adult LOL.

And I think, maybe because by-nature Mom’s tend to be more ‘practical’ (aka, they don’t always indulge for themselves), so there is something really special about giving more ‘feminine’ gifts on this day!


1. Kate Spade Frame | 2. ‘Mom’ Bar Necklace | 3. Martha Stewart ♥ Coasters | 4. Kate Spade Kettle | 5. Pink Wedges | 6. Philosophy Candle | 7. Tulip Wreath | 8. Kate Spade ‘Heart of Gold’ Bracelet | 9. Glow Mask | 10. Lauren Conrad Earrings | 11. Stella McCartney Perfume | 12. Cozy Throw Blanket | 13. “True Roots” Cookbook by Kristin Cavallari

Keeping in mind that my gift guide comes in at a variety of price-points — try not to lose sight of the meaning of this day and honouring our Mother’s wherever possible!

This could be a handmade card, bouquet of flowers or a bottle of their favourite wine. These don’t have to be big expensive purchases! Just make her feel SPECIAL!

I hope you have the best weekend celebrating all things ‘MOM’!

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Happy Mother’s Day!


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