Hello friends! I hope you had a great weekend!

Today I’m continuing the Shop My Home tour (of sorts) — with our next space, the MASTER BEDROOM!

Our Master Bedroom!

As I have described before, I wanted the feel of our Home to be inviting, warm and comfortable.

The same can be said for our Master Bedroom; we work extremely hard at our jobs, so I wanted the space to be especially relaxing and cozy.  (It also becomes my haven in the Winter months when I can’t seem to stay up past 9:00PM! LOL)

Master Bedroom IG

Leaning Floor Mirror | Macrame Wall Hanging | Black Panel Bed  | Accent Table | Black Dmitry Nightstand | Black and Gold Table Lamp (1 for each nightstand) | Grey Fabric Reading Chair | Area Rug(5×8 used) | Prada ‘Marfa’ Wall Art (I think we have the 16 x 24 size!)  |  Macrame Throw Pillow

The room is a great size. It has two double closets at the end (which you can’t see from the photo above), another large window, a reading chair and side table, and the entrance to our Ensuite bath.

This room is a tad more ‘Bohemian’ than the rest of our house, partially because of the macramé accents (This would be easy to update or change in the future) but for now I am loving it!

Our windows have white 3″ California blinds installed and I am thinking about sourcing some airy Linen curtain panels, but I’m undecided for now.

As always, I have linked many items (or similar), but you can also browse and shop via the SHOP page.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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