Happy Monday to you! September’s lighting design style is the ever-evolving Art Deco.

Art Deco is probably a term you have heard before; but in 2019 don’t go thinking Pepto-Bismol Pink Neons or Miami chrome. Art Deco, while daring, can still be timeless in design.

Defining ‘Art Deco’

It is bold, shiny and angular — sleek and streamlined. In the 1920s it was billed as being “thoroughly modern” because it gave art a lot of latitude. Art Deco’s origins began in France, the country that wanted to own art in all its forms. Glass, jewelry and modern materials like chrome, mirrors and marble got in the game. In Your home, Art Deco can make a big, beautiful and expressive statement.

Image result for art deco home lighting
Because this design style is a bit more daring, it is suited for those who take bold design risks and love artwork and unique furniture pieces!

The Plan:


Kitchen Island Pendants (2-3 suggested) | Dining Room Chandelier | Master Bedroom Chandelier | Powder Bath Sconces Bedroom/Den Ceiling Fixture   Foyer/Hall Chandelier 

I love this design style! It’s so visually interesting and fun. This style would be perfect for an art-lover or curator, an upscale retail location or restaurant where atmosphere is paramount.

Are you bold enough for Art Deco? Is it a style you’d consider for Your home?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below! ↓


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