Hello friends, happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Last month’s lighting design plan (Art Deco) inspired me to continue the bold and modern theme of Architectural lighting for October.

Defining ‘Architectural’ Lighting

Modern Architectural lighting can add interest and improve illumination inside your  home, office and other commercial settings. This lighting style complements the architectural design and look of the interior. This lighting style represents an intersection of function, form and style. The finished spaces radiate pun intended — a clean, futuristic vibe.

Related image

The Plan:LP-A

Powder Room Ceiling Fixture | Foyer Chandelier | Bedroom Ceiling Fixture | Dining Room Chandelier |  Master Bedroom Fixture  |  Kitchen Island Pendants (2 suggested)

This design style is a bit of a departure for me. Aesthetically I am a really big fan, it’s just a little outside my comfort zone in terms of my home’s personal style.

Image result for architectural lighting hotel
This spa lobby is transformed by the architectural lighting used overhead.

If you dig deeper into the style of architectural lighting schemes, it’s really fascinating. On the first installment of this series, I outlined how important lighting plans are to a home and space, and architectural lighting really highlights exactly why. 

I hope you enjoyed this month!  



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