I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we’ve just finished Thanksgiving but now Halloween is just around the corner!

While Halloween isn’t a huge departure from Fall and Thanksgiving decor necessarily, there are some fun whimsical ways you can add some additional spooky touches!

Photo By: Jillian Harris

Halloween Must-Haves 

Halloween is great time to add some festive items around the house. Crows, spider webs, ghosts, scented candles and pumpkins are popular additions in home decor.  I also love changing out the exterior lights to house an orange or purple bulb for that hair-raising walk to the front door on Halloween night!

Halloween is also a great time to curl up as a family in pj’s and watch your favourite movie of the season! (This continues welllll into Winter in my household!!!)

See what I have picked out below:Halloween

1. Stacked Pumpkin Decor  |  2. Hocus Pocus Blu-Ray  |  3. ‘Boo’ Throw Pillow  |  4. My 1st Halloween Set by Carters  |  5. Tricks for Treats Dish Towels  |  6. Light-up Lantern  |  7.  Spooky Halloween Wreath  |  8. Spiced Pumpkin DW Home Candle


Have your kiddos picked out their costumes!? I’d love to hear what they’re planning to be below! ↓


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