Hi friends! Happy November!

Because I work for a residential Home Builder many of the questions I receive are (for obvious reasons) regarding the finish options in the home and smart upgrades I would opt to do with the builder versus trying to accomplish myself later on. 

I’m a big believer in enjoying Your home once you’ve moved in. Commonly builds can take 1-2 years, so why continue the renovations after you move in?

I have heard client’s say they’ll ‘upgrade the hardwood flooring in the bedrooms later’, or they’ll ‘finish the basement next year’ – while I understand this if it’s just not in the cards financially to take on, it’s almost always less expensive to do with a builder upfront. The builder is already in the home, they already have the proper permits for the job site and the trades are bonded and insured (something you don’t always know when you hire off sites like Kijiji).

I have yet to find a renovation after closing, that costs less and is done well. 

Today, let’s chat about Paint. 

Most builders won’t include more than 1… maybe 2 paint colours as standard (included in your home’s build price), but don’t fret!

Luckily most builders will offer upgrade paint choices for a nominal fee. This means a custom paint colour(s) of Your choice. In my opinion, this is one of the BEST things you can do when building a new home! 

I know what you’re thinking:

‘Paint is easy’
‘I can do it later, too’
‘Add it to my to-do list’

Personally, I disagree. Paint is a BIG job, period. Having your builder do this task while the home is still technically under construction is MUCH easier than trying to do so after you’ve moved in and are actually living in the space, with furniture, people, kids, animals etc.

It’s a dirty job, it can be costly and it’s fairly invasive unless it’s a small room or an accent wall for example — then, perhaps tolerable.


Selecting Paint Colours for Your New Home

This scheme is an example of how an entire home should flow, from exterior to main areas to bedrooms. 

I love the richness of the warm gray tones, and the boldness of the Kendall Charcoal for the dining room.. drool! I also love Love & Happiness for a playroom or little girl’s room, it’s so soft and soothing. Repeating colours throughout the house is a simple way to ensure flow from one room to another without being lackluster.

In the end, pay the builder to customize YOUR home for YOU, I promise it will be worth it!

Have you and your family moved into a new construction home before? What’s one thing you’d upgrade before moving in that you didn’t previously?

Let me know below! ↓


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