Hi friends!


If you know me, you know my love for all things Christmas. Movies, Music, Decor, Trees, Ornaments, Markets, Books, Shopping, Parties … You name it. I’m obsessed with it all.

I have such special memories from when I was younger, that I can’t help but get excited to continue those memories and make the Holiday Season special for those around me!

My Holiday Home Decor

As you would expect, the Christmas season is certainly the most celebrated, and decorated, holiday in our home. We celebrate from mid-November (after Remembrance Day) until the first week in January.

Growing up my family celebrated the British tradition of the 12 days of Christmas  which means keeping your Christmas tree up until January 6! Luckily my birthday falls on January 4 so I couldn’t be happier! LOL

Over the years my tastes do change slightly. I have collected Santa Claus ornaments for years so we always have some pops of Red throughout the house which is really nice. Because we already have Silver and Gold accessories throughout the year, it ties everything in nicely and really helps it feel like Christmas!

1. Christmas Haul Throw Pillow  |  2. Kurt Adler Pre-Lit Christmas Tree  |  3. Classic Plaid Throw Blanket |  4. Partridge Stocking Holder  |  5. Oh What Fun’ Tree Ornament  |  6. Yankee Candle White Winter  |  7.  Gold Decorative Trees |  8. Needlepoint Stocking


Do you switch up your Holiday decor over the years? How do you decide?

I’d love to hear below! ↓ 

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