As we’re all dreaming of (or living in) a White Christmas, I thought I’d answer the question I get asked most-often — even by friends — “What is your favourite ‘White’ paint?” 

Where do I begin? I LOVE WHITE PAINT! It’s clean. It’s crisp. It matches literally anything. White paint to me is like Black clothing, I couldn’t live without it. Seriously.

Now, actually finding a ‘White’ paint that works for you is not as simple as you might expect! There are hundreds, if not thousands of ‘White’ options out there. From cool modern tones, to rich warm tones, to a true White somewhere in between.

How the paint actually appears on the walls can be influenced by EVERYTHING from the lighting inside the home, to the flooring, to the yard (do you ever notice how much brighter the room becomes when it’s just snowed?). 


My Favourite White Paint(s)!

A good go-to White is helpful to have. If you’re not comfortable with White throughout Your home on Your walls, it’s safe to say you’ll use it on your trims, mouldings and doors, maybe even cabinetry or siding!

Benjamin Moore

While I don’t exclusively only use Benjamin Moore, the brand itself is an industry standard. They make an affordable, durable, long-lasting paint regardless of your budget.

They have many lines to choose from such as Aura to Natura® to Advance. Addtionally, every paint company out there uses colour match technology, if you prefer something else, in a Benjamin Moore colour! 

Super White is my all-time favourite. It’s always right. It’s crisp, clean and a true White. My entire house is Super White. Walls, Trim, Doors, Cabinets – all of it.

Decorators White is a classic choice for areas with large real estate like painted brick or siding.

Chantilly Lace is beautiful as a painted cabinetry finish. I have done many Chantilly Kitchens over the years!

White Diamond is rich yet somehow soothing. It does well both indoors and outdoors. I particularly like it as a fireplace application.

Both Simply White and White Wisp are great suggestions if your design style leans slightly more Traditional than Modern, because of the warm undertones.


Quite possibly the best part about White? It’s easily covered! If in a few years you change your mind (or your design style), you’ll almost never need a primer to repaint 😊. It’s a win-win in my opinion! 


Are you a fan of White walls? Cabinetry? Or, simply Doors + Trim only?

Let me know below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! ↓


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