Hello friends, happy Monday and happy FINAL installment of our Lighting Plan series! 

This year I have featured several different design lighting plans for you to view and understand the impact lighting can have in your home. 

Hopefully you have found these features both useful and inspiring and will use them in years to come!

mid century 2

Defining ‘Mid Century’ Lighting

If you want your home or business to ravish with timeless style, clean lines, and organic form mid-century lighting is just what you’re looking for.

Characterized by the classic appeal from the post-war years of the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern design is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary.

mid century

By fusing contemporary innovation with inspiration from the decades surrounding the 1950s, when designers experimented with function, color, and shape, mid-century modern design is characterized with playful colors, authentic curves, and geometric shapes.

Beyond just being a celebration of a distinct time period, mid-century modern design relishes in functionality and form with notes of sleek lines and minimalist style. Mid-century modern blends diverse sets of materials and colors to produce enduring creations that will withstand the test of time. Mid-century lighting is the best way to tie your décor together to fit your taste and personality.

The Plan:

Lighting Plan - Mid Century

Powder Room Wall Fixture | Foyer ChandelierBedroom Ceiling Fixture | Dining Room Chandelier Master Bedroom Ceiling Fixture  |  Kitchen Island Pendants

spike starburst

This design style is definitely my favourite! It’s so versatile since at times it can be both contemporary and modern. My furnishings and artwork tend to be more minimalist and organic so this pairing for me is the perfect juxtaposition.

I hope you have enjoyed this Lighting Plan series! If you’d like to review any previous months and design styles, just click “Lighting” in the tags at the top of this post.



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