E-Design is our most affordable design package. It is for the client who wants a comprehensive design plan for a room but wants to implement all of the ordering and installation themselves.

Because all that is required is access to a computer, this service can be utilized by anyone, anywhere — even those outside of Ontario and Canada!


1. No Time Constraints. The space can come together at your pace. Whether you want to execute the room(s) overnight or take 2 years from start to finish, the room(s) can evolve as you’d like. Once your plan is complete, it’s in your hands. You decide whether to move forward with the exact suggestions or use them as inspiration to find something else. You’re in control.

2. It’s Laid Back + Comfortable + Unintimidating. Once we correspond via email, you send pictures + dimensions of the room(s) you want to work on, at your convenience. No cleaning or making sure every space is ‘perfect’. No need to schedule an appointment. No need to be home at a certain time.

3. It’s Affordable. Working with a designer, is often thought to be very costly and only for those with huge budgets, but that isn’t always true. When working with us, you will get the expertise of an educated, professional Interior Designer in a very affordable way. We do the legwork and research to create a one-of-a-kind room and you simply need to execute and wait for the deliveries!

E-Design Concept

Who Should E-Design?

Despite time, distance, and budgetary restraints, E-Design  is ideal for smaller residential projects in need of inspiration, space planning or specific direction to decorate one room or multiple rooms.

What is Included?

    1. One “Concept Design Board” which includes furnishings, accessories, fabrics and paint colors that have been chosen for your unique space. One-time revision included.
    2. A shoppable furniture and accessories list with direct links, prices and purchase information.

From a one-question consult to full service E-Design, we can assist you in achieving the aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of!